Grab Your Friends and Lets Go Play!!

viewer (1)Now available in Second Life !

 Bergson Bowling – the premiere virtual bowling experience! Bowling, Really awesome physics, Smooth gameplay, Customizable bowling ball textures, Real 10-pin action for up to 4 players, Cheat-proof, does not need to have build rights.. easy to install the lane… Future integration with Bergtronix Score system and online leagues.   Looking for creative designers to join our team as authorized Bergson creators.  Comes from a development team with over 10+ years in real world bowling experience.  It is great for home use or as an entertainment attraction for businesses.  Easy to play… Easy to install… real sounds and anims..  fast response.

Bowling - Bergson's Bowling Lane - v4 - *FREE UPDATES* - Boxed

Players acquire a bowling ball from the lane by clicking on it and selecting “get ball”..  use the pin kiosk to “join a lane”  the first person to join is the host.. the host must accept/reject other players.. when ready, everyone attaches ball to themselves.. and the host clicks on the graphic at the end of the lane and select “start game”  from there… you enter mouselook, aim, and left-click (and hold) to build power.. release to throw.

Bowling - Bergson's Bowling Lane - v4 - *FREE UPDATES* - Boxed

As you can see from the video the players were killing it!  We had great fun and good laughs! Good things are coming soon as well, such as Leagues, which I’m really looking forward too.

Bowling - Bergson's Bowling Lane - v4 - *FREE UPDATES* - Boxed

You can demo this game  here at  Bergson’s Bowling Center.

You can purchase your game HERE.

 One of the best bowling alley’s available in Second Life !

23 LI modern / ultra realistic design
Amazing pin action and gameplay physics
Automatic scoring for up to 4 players
Customizable bowling balls (drop your texture on the ball and play)
Automatic updater system – always obtain the latest copy.

The Bergson’s Bowling Lane can be used for private or commercial use. This lane is a great way to extend visitor length of stay and increase interaction.

New Features include:
1. Enhanced pin physics (the most realistic physics on the Marketplace)
2. Increased game play and reduced lag
3. Centralized login via Pin Kiosk (just like the real experience)
4. Customized Bowling Balls – create your own bowling ball by replacing the texture.
5. Improved documentation and ticket support system.
6. Automatic system updates via Update Wizard – your lane will update automatically when a newer version is available.
7. Reduced prim count
8. Includes “How to Play” instructions for your location (for other’s use)
9. Free, fully customizable, Bergson Bowling Polo Shirt.

Core Features:
1. Free to Play
2. Multiplayer (up to 4 people)
3. Adjustable ball strength
4. The ability to play anywhere — do not need to have build rights.
5.. Game Timeout (for those that end game or disappear — a timeout will start that will skip the player and allow you to continue your play)

We do not have to keep stressing the fact that this is the real deal, a high-quality system brought to you by those that LOVE BOWLING.


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