L.inc Phat Azz

Suddenly being called a  Phat Azz has new meaning! At least in Second Life.

Creator CK Winx @ Luck Inc. brings you the juiciest bootay on the grid.


So both of these shots are raw shots, no processing, no filters, no photoshop.


It’s very well made and even has really good leg muscles.  Like our hands, feet and boobs and other girly parts it requires some tinting and adjusting.

I have not adjusted my shape to fit this at all btw.  It fits from the waist to feet or all the way over feet.

Some of our talented creators are already releasing skin appliers and clothes appliers for the booty. My skin and appliers are from Filthy.

One of the things I love is this …… cuts time in photoshop wayyyyyy down. The thighs are nice, NO invisable pony!!

It comes with a few choices in the box too. Thick , not as thick , more leg etc and a HUD too.

All the things you need as a developer is in there as well.

This product gets an A+ from me.

From the notecard on adjusting shape:

!!!!ATTENTION !!!!
Since the booty is modify, please don’t rename the description field, cause its important for the hud script.
If you change it, the hud and the booty are not going to work properly anymore.
(Make sure to always SAVE a COPY in your inventory!!)

Another thing that you need to know about this booty is, you have to change your shape slightly.
The body fat has to be 0 and the belly size 15 or else you will get a gape between the lower and upper part of your avatar.
Btw you can affect the mesh booty by changing a few sliders, like Leg Length, Hip Width,
Hip Length, Body Thickness and Height.
By playing with those sliders you can make the legs look more slim or thick!

The hud, should be pretty easy to use.

There are just two buttons to show/hide the clothing layers and a minimizing and closing aka detaching buttons (- & x).


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