Stay tuned !

LUMIPro is about to bring you a rainbow!

We are nearly finished with the beta and thank you to all of our beta testers fro your help and feedback!


This is my 6th beta program over 4 years for LUMIPro and when this is released I’ll call it V3.3 (V3.2 is whats out now).

I’ve been thinking long and hard about whats next for LUMIPro. After recording a few of my own videos as well as talking with other customers, frankly I decided it was time to expand upon the use of color in lighting.

I studied several options for color pickers and got pretty much every color matching hud I could get my hands on. Talked with several people who use them for feedback.

Realizing that we’re dealing with a very broad spectrum of people online from beginners to techies to RL photographers, I’ve been experimenting with a color user interface that made sense. After much discussion including discussing with a couple RL theatrical lighting friends, I decided to include several of the RL color gel catalogs as part of the user interface and a more simple RGB interface for the techies. I frankly like the color catalogs as there is 40+ years of picking these colors based on their success in real situations.

I’ve significantly reworked the color interface. I’m going to not say another word and see if you all can figure it out.

Check out the review at

LUMIPro is Second Life’s premier system for lighting in a virtual world.
Are you ready to take your photos to the next level!


2 thoughts on “Stay tuned !

  1. I’ll be hopping on later to give the latest beta version a test drive. I’m loving the new capability and the color-picker interface is sleek and usable. I’ve not run into any problems with the beta versions so far – awesome work, Stefan!

    If I notice any significant changes I’ll include an update my review (thanks for referencing it!) and I’ll happily do a new post when the updates go live 🙂

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