Second Life and other Info Features I Love !

Because I have to play the domestic goddess in my real world , weekends are very hard for me to get in Second Life and be active and logging my avatar in and going AFK puts some avatars off.  Some will leave a message and some will not. Businesses I deal with often have my email and contact me that way and my IMs go to my email but often I am still capped so this feature while convenient does not always work like we need too be on extended aways from Second Life.

Using my profile feed ( ) is awesome as well!  I have made some really awesome new friends using that, plus avatars can leave me private messages or post directly to my profile and I get notifications they have been there.  These feeds are more ways I can discover awesome inworld sims to visit, fantastic photographers I would other wise miss getting to know, bloggers I would never find , the possibility of these feeds are endless. Sadly Linden Lab seems to have abandoned the feeds and are no longer maintains them and they get glitchy  and bumpy and I get disappointed but not enough to stop using them …yet.

Another great way to make contact with others is through blogs that will forward comments to email or often making it possible for others to email you directly from your blog space.

The information highway, welcome to …..the matrix !

More ways I have shared info and received info :

Plurk Me

Tweet Me

Profile Me 

SLX Connect Me

Comment me here on this blog or over on this blog.

And if you are feeling really adventurous you can comment my naughty space too. WARNING the naughty space is totally adult info NSFW and over 18 please.

You can also reach myself or my partner on our business blog.


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