Sunday Mornings!

I love Sunday mornings. Coffee and reading newspaper, the patio over the lake and the smell of the grass, the lake, the sounds of the world coming to life, makes me smile and relax , even when reading the paper can be filled with the worlds most horrific news.

Once I have covered current events happening in the real world I grab the galaxy note and catch up on the news of my virtual world. Blogs I love are fresh and in my reader and feeds that kind of summarize .

Today I ran across a blog on the feeds that I do not subscribe too, but I will soon change that, the blog is called Prim Dolls , the author is Deoridhe. If you don’t know this blog please take a moment and read it , Her newbie resources and her how NOT too sections are great! I did get a few chuckles reading thru the how NOT too section. Her post yesterday was really very good,  Hunts, Freebies, and Moochers. Her thoughts pretty much mirror mine on this topic. I used to love doing hunts mostly because for a new avatar some of the gifts are good BUT the top reason I loved hunts was being exposed to often awesome sims and designers I may not have been exposed to otherwise.

I don’t do many hunts these days because there are just too many of them and I found myself looking at the hunt blogs and picking and choosing the shops I might enjoy or actually blog. I’m feeling the same about events these days too and that includes fund-raisers. I have real, or better said, not virtual groups I donate too regularly mostly geared towards health and womans/children’s health organizations, volunteers and homeless and education, so I skip these kinds of things as a rule in Second Life.  In 5 years of Second Life I think everyone learns to pick and choose what we will fund/support thru Second Life. Plus , my inventory is just totally ridiculous and a toss things daily just in time for more to fall in! It is a never-ending battle and I’ve rez’d in at the end of 2007 and still find things dated back to 2008. But I sort and toss every day.

Still, hunts and freebies are hugely important. Not only for getting a new avatar a start but as a marketing tool for the creators. Reading about bloggers and hunters being banned from shops and sim is just something I can not get my mind wrapped around.

Here is why:

1. It is Second Life, a virtual world of virtual goods , that often the designer/creator is making real life money, making and selling. Giving a gift or an awesome hunt item is not hard to do and really in the grand scheme of things don’t cost the creator much BUT offers them a ton of chances to gain new and loyal customers . PLUS, the new avatar being happy creates come back and WOM, this will also over time help with the new avatar retention rate , more WOM to offline friends and more accounts created thus generating a new client base not only for the creators but also for Second Life.

2. A bad review or a non flattering review of goods is often a hard pill to swallow, BUT it is also , given by a good blogger or client/consumer, gives a chance for the creator to take the review under advisement and a chance to change or improve their product line, again creating a better customer base.

3. Where Deoridhe says she tries to  I try to soften my opinion of gifts as much as I can , I think is a huge mistake. Why? Because it does not help that newbie later to make good choices in how to spend their linden dollars. Honesty should not be punished it should be used to help new consumers as well as the creators.

4. Banning avatars who are not griefing sims or wrecking havoc in a shop, copybotting or vendor stealing is just not smart on the part of the designer. There are better ways to control who can shop your stores if you have decided for what ever reason you just so not like the avatar/blogger etc.  Reset your sim ratings to POF or PIU or maturity levels . Ban the griefers not the avatar trying to bring business.

5. In all of the times I have had real issues in the real world at real stores taking my real dollars , I have never been banned. I can still shop at Target and JCPenny , they need my dollars as much as I need their products and yes sometimes I do have issues , they do not want/need bad press and I really do not want to leave bad press so working towards a good resolution just makes sense.

Anyhow, that is just my 2 cents, it wont buy you a coffee but I still have some left in the pot, come on over !


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