I ღ Sn@tch !


Sn@tch Destruction (Boots and horned helmet not shown) 69 lindens Sn@tch n Grab. (See her vendor pic here for full outfit.)

:::Sn@tch Sookie Hair (GOTHS-L):::

Legion Mesh Jewelry Set (Lucky Board) @ Sn@tch

Tooty-Fruity – Sexy Heels + Socks – Halloween Version Freya

Lighting by LumaLite HUD 

AND ❣ PULSE GAMES & SNATCH CITY present NOWHERE, a realistic interactive horror survival game experience with PRIZES from 24 KILLER Designers Hidden throughout the game! Tons of awesome gifts!! . MORE INFO HERE .

Nowhere Promo Image


Black Tulip @ TLC



Black Tulip Props and Poses – The Black Swan @ TLC

[MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season2

-Belleza- Freya V2.01

Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Paris Show Girl

Astralia – Spider Web headpiece


CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9


Legal Insanity – Gia black bodysuit BELLEZA FREYA

Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Deep Ice, w3)

Tooty-Fruity – Sexy Heels + Socks – Halloween Version Freya

Lighting By LumaLite 

LumaLite Hud (v3.5)

Marketplace Finds

I needed a nice cocktail dress for this weekend and found this . It’s really well made, the texture is great and it fit my curvy form perfectly.




>TRUTH< Marielle 2 – copper

Glamistry : HORTENSIA Heels – belleza

DV_Deep Cleavage Slim dress Cutouts black BELLEZA

*Birth* 3rd Gen Body Skin 04 Tone

Fall comes to Rebel Hope Designs @ FaMESHed October Round

Charlotte , Courtney  and Kyndall are not part of the Kardashian clan ! They are the new RH design release that you will only find at FaMESHed.

Those who know me know how much I adore Rebel Hopes fashion and design sense and how you can always mix n match something from her collections. I am super excited about her newest release for fall.

Now ladies listen up, I know I say this all the time BUT Fat pack these and 2 bonus colors!


Charlotte, wrap cropped top, 8 colors in a wonderful fall pallet. The Rebel Pack gets you 2 more colors. This top will fit your Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Hourglass and Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis.


Courtney, laced fringe, color changes as well as the metals. Remember the Fat Pack brings the extra goodies ! The popular mesh bodies are covered ! ( see above)


Kyndall heels , strappy, studded goodness so sexy!  14 shoe colors and 4 metal colors in this Rebel pack. Designed for the following mesh feet, Maitreya – Slink – Belleza and the  Mesh Project (TMP) Ouch Feet .

BTW, he told me I was absolutely looking good today!

!Rebel Hope – Charlotte Mesh Crop Sweater_Freya @ FaMESHed
!Rebel Hope – Courtney Fringe Mesh Skirt_Freya
!Rebel Hope – Kyndall Mesh Heels_Belleza
“”D!va”” Hair “Averil” (MVW USA 2014)(Moon stone)
[MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season2
-Belleza- Freya V2.01
::Modish::-Adele-Pearls Necklace[Pink]
CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9

Lighting by LumaLite  , when the light and the shot has to be perfect!

Bloggers Cross-Over Get Back Give More

Sasy Scarborough over at Sassypants offers an excellent idea in blogging communications for bloggers and the designers they feature. Pop over and add your thoughts as blogger or designer. I’d love to read more feed back on her idea!

Bloggers Cross-Over Get Back Give More

Over the years Blogging and how we do so, has come under a lot of scrutiny… and guidelines and rules have been put into place by stores. Hundreds of different things to make us as bloggers toe some imaginary line in the sand. There are so many of these now, that they actually have started to implode on themselves, because by continuing to stack them, and make more and more demands, the essence of what blogging was for many, has been diluted so much that content suffers.

I have many creators I follow on flickr, and other social media platforms, and in the olden days, bloggers were given support by creators, their posts were shown to their customers, they used to add bloggers to their websites, and publicly acknowledge that blogging was something that benefited them in their business. We would have feedback from creators about how things were going, have…

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Let’s talk about Feeds and Flickr!

Are you a second life blogger? Do you follow SL Blogger Support? We are talking about some interesting things and taking some polls on the site. You do not have to be a member to chat back. Come join the discussions! This is a great resource for ALL bloggers.

SL Blogger Support

Here at SL Blogger Support we always try to come up with tips and advice to support the blogger community of Second Life. Instead of writing another article, or wall of text if you will, with a list of ‘things a blogger needs to know/do/no do’, I would like to ask YOU, the bloggers of Second Life, to help eachother.

There are a few questions that seem to return on a regular basis, in groupchat and on other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and Flickr), mainly regarding the fashion-blogs: 1) the amount of views/favs/followers some designers require when one wants to apply for a brand and 2) the number of SL Feeds a blog needs to be syndicated in.

Some, not all, creators/designers, only want bloggers who have – let’s say, a minimum of 1000 views per picture on Flickr and their blog needs to be in ‘several’…

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Picture This !

One of the things I think every Second Life resident has in common and loves to do , is take photos. I know I do. I enjoy doing video as well. I use LumaLite for all my photos and vids.  What I do not enjoy is bulky photo-studios that requires land and tons of prim-mage and building light boxes to edit and move around. I want to shoot what I want, where I want and control my own lights on the fly. I don’t want over scripted gadgets that lag every avatar around me either. On top of all that is the expense, why spend a ton of lindens dollars to do ONE simple thing. Light the avatars well and pose them in poses you choose and control.


LumaLite HUD does exactly that. No more no less. A simple easy to use , shoot on the fly , fabulous low scripted mesh HUD. You control the avatar, the lights, the eyes, poses in just a few clicks. Rez the projector on the model before tp to any sim that allows scripts and get your shadows too, providing your computer graphics allows you to use shadows. Combine that with a great canvas like ALL of Second Life sims (owners permitting) as well as a great windlight and snap happy ! Or you can get a very simple basic studio , I always recommend Strawberry Singhs simple 3 prim mesh studio that she graciously offers on marketplace for free.  This can be rez’d in even the busiest of SL sandboxes without issue if you do not own land.

The LumaLite Hud is a lighting system made for Second Life Beginners and Pros alike. Giving you basic light positions for Key light and Fill light as well as color control and unlimited positional projector light. Control intensity, radius and falloff as well. Unlimited Positional Gazer included to lock your subject’s eyes and let you control their positions. Lifetime updates, including all small updates or ANY addons which we have planned to add to the hud !!

Please contact Toran Babenco or colleen Criss upon purchase to be added to the inworld group for help and support as well as tips and tricks. OR drop either of us a notecard for more info before purchase OR to get a demo of the HUD.

Take a look at our flickr group at what our fabulous photographers are doing with their HUD.

Enjoy your Second Life memories and snap happy !!


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