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I know at the moment it seems all we can do is argue  about politics BUT there are so many other things, important things in our offline lives we don’t think about and this is one of them. Unclaimed Children. Yes, you are reading that right. I didn’t. Early this AM while the rest of he house was still asleep I made coffee and turned on the news and in shock in horror fell to tears listening to the story of what a local Priest is doing for these children whose bodys are never claimed after their deaths. How one priest is determined to show love to Georgia children who die with no one to bury them. Things can always be worse BUT there are so many things we can focus on, these children deserved a life , a life better then what they got.

I was not really in a Valentines mood yesterday but I do hope all of you had an awesome one!

I did shoot some fashion for you though.




Oh! and I spotted this on flickr , seems like a very useful tool for designers with larger blogging crews !

Second Life Blog Tools http://blogotex.com/

Looking for Bloggers / GLAMISTRY


Vanessa by ASTERIA @ The Kinky Event
Sexy Straps for your mesh body!
mesh body compatible, 10 options available

Pose: “Love Me, Loves me not…” (Props not used )

Pose by Black Tulip
[Black Tulip] Poses – Dark Fairy #1

[CIRCA] – “My Spilled Kisses” – Multi Candy Hearts

*Dreams* Heart Cookie (without floating hearts)

[PL] Cupid Nerd Glasses by Anaiya Solo

+IROLLIC+ Valentine’s gift ❤ ❤ ❤ by Iroquai Anatra

.:H.F Ferronnier HEAD Red 2 WEAR ME

Awear Je T’Aime Heels BELLEZA

Marketplace Find



*An@rchy Ink* Laced Bodysuit {Freya}
*An@rchy Ink* Neck Collar
*An@rchy Ink* Wings [mod + click to resize]
*Laced Bodysuit* {Mesh Bodies ONLY}

Bodysuit Outfit Contains:

* Laced mesh Bodysuit in Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belezza Isis (x2), Belezza Venus & Belezza Freya fittings
* HUD – 16 bodysuit patterns, 4 metal textures & 10 lacing colours
* Stockings {Omega Applier only}
* Fitted Mesh Neck Collar
* Slink High Heels
* Left upper thigh Key Garter {unrigged, mod}
* Wings {mod}
* Extension HUDs available for further textures.


“”D!va”” Hair “Chika4” (Type A)(Black amber)


!Rebel Hope – Libby Mesh Heels_Belleza  NEW @ FaMESHed 

Photo taken @ The Kinky Event

Lighting by LumaLite HUD ! Yanno for that perfect lighting every photo needs!

When Your Home Town Team Loses the Super Bowl …….

You recover by buying shoes ! 🙂

I got mine over at FaMESHed this round by Rebel Hope Design.

Fit for all the major mesh bodies with colors that will take you clear into spring no matter what you are wearing. Dress up or dress casual, these are perfect.

Libby comes in leather and net with 12 colors,  4metals, jewels in 8 fabulous tones and 4 pearl tones. Pretty and versatile.

I dressed mine casual.


My casual outfit, that includes jacket, top and jeans called Darcy in Rose by Suga Baby on Marketplace. I really like but I had one issue, the top for Freya would only *wear* on my hand so I tried the top for Venus and it worked wonderfully . Really cute clothes, good for your SL Linden budget too!

Darcy Jacket FREYA – Cocoa
Darcy Jeans – FREYA
Darcy Top VENUS – Rose
Suga Baby by Abbie Danitz

NEW @ FaMESHed by Rebel Hope Design

!Rebel Hope – Libby Mesh Heels_Belleza

Lighting by LumaLite HUD Often the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow!” is a few easy steps and LumaLite provides that and more!


Read All About It 🗣️

Sn@tch Moving Sale !!


Get all of the info HERE.

Sn@tch Moving Sale Sign LG



Pretty in Pink ♦️





♥️ EMOTIONS – Luzy Hair @ Cosmopolitan
Belleza– Freya V2.01
*Birth* 3rd Gen Body Skin 04 Tone
[MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season2
CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9
♥️ Lazuri Perllina Earrings
♥️ Lazuri Perllina Necklace-1 & 2
.ARISE. Sunny Eyes / Lightblue
♥️ {ViSion} -S&F *Bodysuit Felisity [Belleza Freya]

Lighting by LumaLite HUD  📷

In and Out of Second Life

Well, we have sworn in our new POTUS and it appears between all the inauguration flare and parties and dinners he got straight to work as well! Impressive ! I will say this Melania was absolutely stunning as were his daughters ! The Barron looked like he was ready to go play xbox 🙂 .

I am disappointed to see how many democrats declined to attend the festivities. It does not reflect well on the party in my eyes. Of course it is their right to choose but I think it is just the wrong overall message for the country and the world. I was really pissed at the violent protesters as well. What message does all that violence and destruction of property prove? For me it says *we are not intelligent enough to make our point so lets have a tantrum* like children. And tbh I’m tired of the news groups and their slanted reporting on these things, I don’t watch them to hear their personal opinions, I don’t care about what they think , I want them to report facts if they have them , if not say nothing.

He may not have been every ones choice BUT he is THE POTUS and *WE the PEOPLE* elected him. He was not my choice but to be honest neither was Secretary Clinton, I will and would however support who ever was elected because I am an American.

Right now I am getting ready to enjoy The Falcons chase to the Super Bowl !!!

Ofc this is my hometown Team. RISE UP ATL !!!


AND here is my fashion offering for you all today.



*Birth* 3rd Gen Body Skin 04 Tone
-Belleza- Freya V2.01
:::Sn@tch Leila Hair (NATURALS-L):::
Blueberry – Cake Leggings – Regular – Freya Pattern 10
CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9
N-Uno – Zara Top // N 2 // Belleza Freya
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Deep Ice)
[MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season2

Lighting by LumaLite HUD 


Time is running out!

Don’t forget to get over to FaMESHed !! Some good stuff over there this round but the round ends on Jan. 27th .

Rebel Hope released an awesome comfy sweat shirt dress in several different colors * colors to be exact with cute teasey litle saying on them. PLUS this one you NEED to Rebel Pack at a 50% savings.

Fits the following mesh bodies.

Maitreya Lara
Slink Physique and Hourglass
Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis








Trouble Hi/Low Mesh Dress by Rebel Hope Designs @ FaMESHed

Jewelry by Mandela

Body by Belleza

Head by Catwa


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