She checks out Mozart while she does tae-bo

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey, hey
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there’s a time to change, hey, hey, hey
Since the return from her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Or in colleens case …!

Rebel Hope knows my life 🙂 I live it real in work outs, nearly every day. It’s easier to dress for kids so I love her latest release for FaMESHed this month. BUT I’m late in getting this posted due to RL and FaMESHed April round ends tomorrow so HURRY !!

You know the drill , buy the Rebel Pack for extra goodness, 6 in fact! All are mix n match.

When I started this post I had just finished looking over blog posts about Fantasy Faire and the song by Train popped into my head where it will no doubt spend the entire day. You see this was written for Monahan’s mother, who died of lung cancer (she was a heavy smoker). “In an interview with VH1, lead singer Pat Monahan revealed that he wrote this song about the death of his mother. Train released their first album in 1998, and were touring that year when Monahan’s mother was dying of lung cancer – she was a heavy smoker. This was before the widespread use of cell phones, and Monahan made many stops to pay phones on the tour to speak with his mom during this difficult time. In December of that year, his mother died, and in early 1999 Train was working on their next album when their record company started pressuring them for a hit. Monahan returned to his childhood home in Pennsylvania, and woke one morning with the words “back in the atmosphere” in his head. Beginning a time of healing, he started to compose the song. Said Monahan: “Loss of the most important person in my life was heavy on my mind, and the thought of ‘what if no one ever really leaves? What if she’s here but different. The idea was, she’s back here in the atmosphere.” So it kind of fits , make sure to visit the Faire the sims are beyond beautiful and shopping for a good cause !


ALSO watch for next month FaMESHed because it is their 5th Anniversary!


Now HURRY This round closes TOMORROW!

From Rebel Hope Designs for April FaMESHed :

Kallie Mesh Crop Top

Jolie Mesh Wrap Leggings

-Belleza- Freya V2.01 (hands upgraded for Bento)

Isabelle Catwa Applier Sunkissed -Belleza-

-Belleza- Isabelle BASE Sunkissed

CATWA HEAD Gwen v4.9Fixed [Upgradable]

Exile:: Morning Glory


Agora – Yoga mat MESH

Lighting by LumaLite   for when the light counts!

The LumaLite Hud is a lighting system made for Second Life Beginners and Pros alike.

Often the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow!” is a few easy steps and LumaLite provides that and more!
Giving you basic light positions for Key light and Fill light as well as color control and unlimited positional projector light. Control intensity, radius and falloff as well.

Unlimited Positional Gazer included to lock your subject’s eyes and let you control their positions.
Lifetime updates.




New and Updated


*TKW* earring ~ TLC Anniversary Gift[hh] MAITREYA Andy Sandals

*Birth* 3rd Gen Body Skin 04 Tone_Cleavage2

.::Crown::. Cabrina

CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9

Maitreya * Gigi Bodycon Dress Fatpack * Lara Group Gift

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0 with updated bento hands

[Black Tulip] Beauty #11


The Fairelands Quest: The Bard Queen’s Song

14 Days to go !! Are you ready?

Fantasy Faire 2017

The Fairelands Quest: The Tale of the Exiles 2016 – Picture by Wildstar Beaumont.

Every year the Fairelands arrive with a mystery to solve, a quest to challenge brave adventurers, and this year is no different! Last year might have lead you to face a dragon, but this year we (and Farion) have a much bigger problem in our hands.


His boss has gone missing and he (and The Lads) have come to the conclusion that, while she’s been known to do this sort of thing before, something’s not right about this one. Were Farion a noodle seller from Kakushi Pasu this wouldn’t be a problem, but Farion (and The Lads) work for the Bard Queen – and an absent Bard Queen is bad news for the Fairelands.

So Farion (and, yes, The Lads) have come up with a plan: for Farion…

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Colleen from Sn@tch

Of course i saw this cute hair called Colleen and I HAD to have it. It’s from Sn@tch and I love it!


. Infiniti . – Gumballs – 6

!Rebel Hope – Splash Mesh Heels_Belleza @ Shoetopia OPENS the 25th.

1 Hundred. Bad Girl Jumpsuit. Pink [Fit B,F] @ Designer Circle
6th Anniversary

:::Sn@tch Colleen Hair (NATURALS-L) @ Designer Circle

Shoetopia 2017

Opens its doors Mar 25 at 12:00 AM SLT to Apr 8 at 1:00 AM SLT. This is a unisex event.

Shoetopia 2017
The full line up for Shoetopia 2017!

Exclusive Shoetopia 2017 poses by OoO Studios

Event Opens March 25th – April 15th

>>> Shoetopia 2017.

Please contact Tinker Hax or Sophia Harlow with any questions.

I don’t use Facebook so I don’t have any other information for you at this time EXCEPT , Rebel Hope will be there and she’s bringing the awesome as usual! The minute I slipped on these shoes I smiled!

Splash are a fun shoe, you get 6 splash colors,8 solid shoe colors
4 bonus colors in the Rebel Pack.

Shoetopia 2017

TAXI for the Opening Day Event : CAUTION you will not be ale to tp there until he event is officially open !!



No Pretty Pictures ….


I rarely get to play around in SL on weekends but this weekend I made it a point to get in 2 events hosted by a new blogger resource. BVN has a very informative web site as well as tons of social media links for you to follow and an in world group. ” Blogger and Vlogger Network (BVN), a group and website built specifically for networking and education purposes. BVN strives to provide bloggers and vloggers with the most pertinent, up-to-date, and interactive information available. ”

Saturday was the Launch Party, I was able to join in for he photography presentation with WrenNoir Cerise, she shared a ton of helpful photography tips and tricks. I suggest stalking her Flickr or other social media to stay informed of what she’s doing next!

I was unable to stay for the party afterwards but when I left it was off to a great start.

On Sunday they hosted a chat regarding linking/or NOT, credits on blogs . It was a great discussion and well led TBH. Everyone who wanted to share got the chance to share and or feedback on what was being shared.

I see this becoming another very useful blogging resource for new and old bloggers alike. Join the group, stalk the blog, drop in for some great info and some fun . Lurk or participate, everyone is welcome no matter what you blog.



Can We Talk ?

Yesterday Caitlin polled the Blogger Support Group on how we prepare for event blogging and today after reading some posted replies I think I misunderstood the entire question! LOL. Go figure. Blond to the bone and I wont even deny it!


I googled *bloggers wanted second life* the results About 6,200,000 results (0.62 seconds) , unreal ! SL Blogger Support Group has a list designers looking for bloggers. Some designers have their own Ads placed in blogging flickr groups and these things are posted over a ton of social media sites , reblogged, reposted, re blasted. It’s great ! Most of the designers have no clue who is blogging their stuff, they turn that all over to their blog managers with a list of must have/do, to get in or remain in the blog group. When this started I was in a few blogging groups, it took me about 5 minutes to learn this was not for me. I have a full offline life and I don’t have  a ton of SL time , SL blogging is not now and never was my *JOB* and I was blogging for designers I genuinely liked , but then came other demands from groups. One group I never even applied too kept dropping things to me and I did not blog , it was not my taste , after a bit I was contacted about not blogging and I said “I have blogged you BUT most of your things are not my taste and I did not solicit your things, you just dropped them to me” , it was not a pretty thing and one I will never go through again. The designer promptly reminded me she was a TOP BOSL designer *shrugs*. This was several years ago and I never see her blogged anymore.

Designers began making rules about how often they wanted each release blogged by their groups, rules about flickr hits, social media hits etc etc and blah blah. Then came the blogger flickr repost wars. Pretty soon I had to stop looking at blog feeds and flickr and my other social media because it was ALL THE SAME pix. OH ! and lets not forget the feeds and their rules and niches and cliques. It’s very hard to get on feeds these days.

Yes, blogging has changed over my 8 years in SL. Who is at fault? EVERYONE involved. BUT I still blog , now I just blog ONE designer who I adore and respect the rest I blog because I want too. AND, please stop bashing freebies/gifts left by designers at events because the bloggers with not much to spend or just starting out with no following or little just MIGHT be the next SL top blogger/vlogger that that designer is looking for and that blogger will always blog the designers who is nice to them and leave great gifts at events for free because they are trying to build a blog and blogger/designer relationships. NO ONE blogs these days just to get free things in fact I bet no one does.


That’s my two cents 🙂 . What’s yours?

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